Our team integrates extensive mindfulness training with years of teaching experience…

headshot 3Jordan Wiley-Hill, director and founder of The Mindfulness Education Exchange, teaches mindfulness to children, teens, and educators across Tucson, Arizona.  Rooted firmly in his own mindfulness practice, his approach has been guided by the latest scientific research in mindfulness education and shaped by his training to teach adult meditation and youth mindfulness. Moreover, his extensive experience as a classroom teacher, professional storyteller, and dramatic educator help him bring the subject to life in ways that are fun, age-appropriate, and deeply engaging.



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Shelly Hubman is the co-founder and assistant director of The Mindfulness Education Exchange.  She combines over two decades of serious mindfulness practice with another two decades as an award-winning educator, including work running and developing an arts-based conflict resolution educational program.   As a Spanish translator, certified yoga instructor, and trained meditation teacher, she has the ability to provide a wide range of people with highly effective techniques for tuning into and working with their minds, bodies, and hearts.






Alyson Greene, M.Ed., teaches mindfulness to children across Tucson with the Mindfulness Education Exchange. As a long-time contemplative educator, storyteller, and nature guide, she brings over 15 years of experience leading mindfulness-based activities — from nature-awareness practices to classroom-based lessons in the creative arts. She has practiced mindfulness skills for over two decades, and she loves helping children (and adults) explore their inner worlds in ways that are creatively playful, age-appropriate, and transformative.  Alyson holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Education, and she is a certified Montessori elementary teacher.




Joy Rigberg has dedicated her life to working with and helping children and adolescents. She blends masters-level credentials in counseling and education with mindfulness training and certification in multiple healing modalities. Twenty years of classroom teaching experience and life coaching have given her ample opportunity to apply and hone her extensive skills. At the center of Joy’s work in the Phoenix area is mindfulness, self-acceptance, resiliency, and joy.



BlakeFlierPicBlake Barton has practiced meditation and mindfulness for over 13 years, and he has been a competitive athlete for more than 35 years in a variety of sports.  Combining these two interests, he has a passion for helping others achieve peak mental and physical performance and increasing the enjoyment of sport.  Blake has a BS degree in Exercise Science and an MS degree in Biomechanics, and he worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach with varsity athletes at Texas Tech University.



mdc photoMelisa Doran Cole teaches mindfulness to kids and teens, as well as yoga for children with special needs. She is a full time teacher with seven years of experience in the middle and high school classroom. In addition, she has led wilderness trips for teens in the American West, international service trips in Thailand, and she has worked as a camp counselor and ropes course instructor. She is a certified yoga teacher and has been practicing mindfulness daily for nearly five years.





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Christina Wieboldt loves to teach heart-centered mindfulness through practices that are both imaginative and engaging, from movement and storytelling to creative writing and photography. She has completed intensive training in research-based mindfulness programming for children and young adults. In addition to teaching Preschool and Kindergarten in Tucson, Christina worked with young teens in New York City as a Project Manager at “Listen Up! Youth Media Network”, helping youth produce personal stories that aired on PBS and various national media outlets. She deeply values her own established daily practice and is delighted to teach the gifts of mindfulness to children and families.




rebecca.JPGRebecca Beren teaches mindfulness to children and teens with the Mindfulness Education Exchange. She is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor with a decade of mindfulness practice behind her, and she has worked with youth in a wide variety of capacities. Whether in her mindfulness teaching in schools or weekly meditative yoga classes in the community, Rebecca believes deeply in the power of mindful attention to foster self-awareness, compassion, curiosity, and kindness.





Staci Martin brings a unique blend of expertise to bear on her mindfulness teaching to adolescents and adults.  She is a RYT-200 certified yoga teacher, a graduate research assistant at the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health, and a former high school teacher and corporate trainer.  At the core of Staci’s passion about education is her belief that everyone has exactly what he or she needs to grow and learn. The magic is finding it within oneself.




autumn-22 croppedAutumn Wiley-Hill, Ph.D., is a researcher and statistician with The Mindfulness Education Exchange.  Her research and clinical work has focused on clinical applications of mindfulness.  Prior to pursuing her doctorate, she was a research analyst in Washington DC, focusing on the impacts of government programs in the areas of education and healthcare.