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Welcome to Shelly Hubman’s private coaching practice!

My deepest joy is to help you with your path to profound tranquility and happiness. I have practiced meditation for 30 years and learned how to navigate subtle roadmaps along the way. I have also learned how to work with many of the obstacles and difficulties one can encounter as the practice unfolds. If you want to explore meditation and experience the many benefits, I would be happy to work with you.

You can reach me at 520-449-2667.



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Mindfulness and Healthcare

CONVERSATIONS with meditators coming soon!

Shelly, You did a terrific job leading meditation at Splendido. You related well to everyone and were able to articulate clearly why we were doing certain exercises and what to expect when we did them. Thanks again, and very best wishes.
Tom Hestwood

This is the highlight of my week. I draw on it all week! I have studied meditation and mindfulness with several instructors in the past. Shelly absolutely stood out. Specifically: Her lovely, warm voice always put me immediately into a spot where I could “leave the stress of outside behind” and focus on being present; She has a presence that is friendly and accepting – it keeps me from being self-critical; The practice she used for us was compelling, so I never lost focus; The results I had when I continued to practicing meditation throughout the week were reinforcing.


I felt amazing afterward.
– ACP practice manager

South Tucson After school Emotional Intelligence Mini-Conference
*I learned how to listen actively & how to be mindful of not only myself but other people.
*I learned how to be a more aware compassionate listener staff/coworker
*I learned that I need to slow down & stop trying to multi-task during a conversation
*Extremely useful for both myself & the population I work with.
*On a scale from 1-10, this was a 40.

I personally really enjoyed the class and felt that it had the right balance of meditation and movement.
-Doctor Algazi, ACP